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LLC “Noxen” is the owner and developer of Anastasievskiy granite deposit. Brand name is Anastasia Red. Code of deposit is Cr112. Special permission to use minerals no.3807 of December 30, 2006.

Radiation indicators of Anastasievskiy granite deposit — 1st class (can be used for all kinds of building without restrictions). According to experts, products made of this granite can be used for construction purposes for interior and exterior decorative finish of buildings and structures.

Anastasievskiy granite deposit is unique due to large volumes of natural deposits of red granite, which is quite rare, which is only 20% of global production of granite.

Anastasievskiy granite deposit was developed in 2008 and is considered to be young and promising. LLC “Noxen” produces 5,500 m3 of granite blocks per year, in accordance with the volume of consumption, but in case of keen demand production volumes can be increased by 15-20%. The granite reserves in the above deposit are expected for 107 years of quarrying.

Geographical Location

The unique location of the deposit in the centre of Ukraine allows you to quickly deliver products by all possible logistical methods, while proximity to the railway, the central traffic junction and sea ports make it possible to quickly and safely ship products to Europe and Asia.

We already export our products to Austria, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Vietnam.

Mineral Composition of Granite:
— Plagioclase 12-38%
— K-feldspar 18-83%
— Quartz 12-38%
— Biotite 0-6%
— Garnet 0-8%

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Granite:
— Porosity 1.2%
— Water absorption 0.23%
— Compressive strength (dry) 1710 kgf / cm2
— Reduction factor of strength when saturated with water 0.86
— Abrasiveness 0.70 g / cm2
— After 50 cycles of freezing 1401 kgf / cm3
— Bulk density 2,700 kg / m3